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By far the best vet hospital ever.
They truly care about your fur baby. My English Bulldog Tonka thanks them for saving his life. Excellent doctors and staff! Thank you Agape! your the best!!
Lori Northcutt Wigginton

Great place to take your pets!

This clinic is caring and knowledgable, and really goes the extra mile to make you and your loved pets feel comfortable as well as well cares for. Highly recommend to anyone with pets
Kevin Ott

They are always super nice and helpful!
We now take all our pets there because they are well taken care of.
Krissy Cox

I would highly recommend using Agape.
Yesterday, my wife and I had to make one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make. Our dog was suffering from a very aggressive cancer that had spread from his leg to his lungs in a period of approximately 3 months. Over the previous 2 days, we saw a drastic decrease in his quality of life and knew it was time to let him go so he could be at peace. How this process was handled is what will make me only use Agape Pet Hospital for my animal’s care from now on when we get another pet in the future.

We contacted their office on Friday morning. We are lucky to own a business in the same building as the pet hospital. Someone from their office provided us with information on the euthanasia process, as well as cremation and burial. Dr. Crowell then spoke with my wife about how we would prefer to let him go: Bring him to the clinic, or come to our home. We agreed to have him put down in our home. When Dr. Crowell and his wife arrived, they prepared us for how the process would go. They gave us as much time as we needed with him, and before doing anything, we all joined hands around our dog, and Dr. Crowell prayed to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that he would allow him to go peacefully and that he would take care of him from now on. Once the process was completed and our dog had passed, they happily transported him back to their office and are taking care of organizing the private cremation, ordering of the urn, and making sure we get a paw print to keep forever.

I am humbled and honored to be a client of Agape Pet Hospital!!! If you want loving and personalized attention and care for you animal, I would highly recommend using Agape. They are there to serve each animal with the “unconditional love” that each owner would expect from a quality and well-trained veterinarian.
Andrew Williamson

Compassionate and knowledgeable staff
Agape has a compassionate and knowledgeable staff that go out of their way to help both your pet as well as that pet’s person. They have Vets who specialize in dogs, cats and other more delicate animals such as bunnies.
They are available in a timely manner and considerate of the time of others.
The clinic is quite clean and free of odors. They offer convenient hours and emergency care. Fees are reasonable, and no unneeded “extras” are added on.

My bunny was well cared for and I will happily continue with Agape Pet Hospital for all my vet care needs.
Kathy Lynne

I highly recommend them.

We adopted two rescue puppies a few months ago. I’d always had cats before and didn’t really have any complaints about the vet I had used for them, but didn’t really feel drawn to them either.

I called Agape just to get a feel for their customer service and was blown away with how helpful, kind, and patient they were. I thought the prices would be high since they are a ‘hospital’ but was surprised that they were comparable to other vets.
Then when I brought a puppy in, they were so cheerful and kind – very welcoming and calming. The rooms were clean, they were great with the puppies as well as my young child. They engaged my son in conversation and we didn’t feel rushed out or that we were a nuisance. The whole experience was fantastic and I wasn’t as nervous having to do it again for the next puppy with my child in tow too. They’re not pushy and have such a calm demeanor – it was a great experience. I highly recommend them.
Amanda Hagler

They are so wonderful!
They are so wonderful! They text me a picture of my fur baby after his procedure and let me know that everything went well! I recommend this pet hospital to anyone that loves their pet and wants the very best for them!
Kimberly Womack

So sweet of them!

I put Cody (my furry family dog) down recently, I then got a letter in the mail from everyone who works at this vet hospital, checking and making sure we were all okay… So sweet of them for making time to do that for my family and I!
Michelle Furtaw

Super Awesome!

We have been very happy with Agape. The staff is friendly, great with the dogs. We had to have one of the dogs put down last year. They were all so compassionate.

We got a sympathy card in the mail and they all had written a little something. Thank-You, for taking such good care of our animal kids (grandkids)!!
Bill Carlson

Love everyone at Agape!

They have taken such great care of our pups and us, being so caring and amazing through such a horrible time. We will never take our dogs anywhere else.
Cassie Lovvorn

Great place to take your pets!

The staff is friendly and helpful. Dr Crowell is wonderful. Very happy!! Definitely recommend!
Brandi Hicks Hodkinson